Thursday, 22 January 2009

Save London Metropolitan University!

This website has been set up to campaign to Save London Met University! The threatened job cuts (550 and counting); the continued outsourcing and privatisation of in-house services; the attacks on union reps, and management refusal to enter meaningful negotiations; all of the above will mean the beginning of the end of London Met Uni (LMU).

For some background, read the Times Higher Education article online, 'Hefce's cash clawback hits battered London Met':
The financial woes facing London Metropolitan University are intensifying as the funding council confirms plans to claw back the full amount of money the university has been overpaid since 2005.
Read more and feel free to comment on the article. For some hypocritical posturing by our Vice Chancellor, go here and you can also comment.

London Met staff refuse to pay for our management's failures. Union members and non-members alike are furious at these attacks on our jobs and on our education. So UNISON and UCU branch executives have formed a campaign committee to fight these cuts with the following demands:


We decided to set up this joint website, to communicate news of our campaign to London Met staff, to management, and the wider world. This is not just about LMU, this is about provision of education in this country. It's about priorities: if the government can write a blank cheque for the banks, why can't they find money to save struggling universities like ours?

Get involved: for a start, join your relevant union (for academic staff, join UCU here), and for support staff, join UNISON here). And get in touch to find out how you can help this campaign, email UNISON or UCU . Pass on the link to this website to your work mates and friends, watch this space for updates soon, and sign our petition here.

And let us know your thoughts and ideas on this campaign by clicking on 'COMMENTS' below.


  1. I dont see why people wan't to save this University. This institution has 'scamed' students and the Goverment Bodies. I would be happy to vote, to close down London Met Uni. London Met financial crisis has had great impact on teaching staff, and students:

    No Module Booklets.
    Staff are rude, and some cases of aggression.
    Staff can be very discriminative, in term of favorting students.
    Whiles, us students pay lots of money that goes to resources we dont get, and staff salaries, who are rude and mark our work extreamly late.

    I hope London Met Closes Down!
    And if your thinking to join this Uni, DONT! Invest your money at a diffrent uni who do teach you!