Monday, 26 January 2009

UCU briefing on dispute

UCU Briefing on current dispute:

Current Threat
* 330 FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) jobs to go as soon as possible (between July and September). Could mean up to 500 individuals, though more likely to be 350-400. (between 14%-20% of the current staff)

* Management intend that this should be divided into roughly 1/3 academic staff and 2/3 PSD staff, in line with current proportions in the university

* Appears that figure plucked out of the air: no vision of the university of the future (will they axe departments or spread the cuts widely? No answer). No idea how to achieve the financial savings and no evidence that they have seriously looked for other forms of savings.

* Perhaps will be achieved by voluntary redundancies first, then compulsories but governors ‘might decide to go for 330+ compulsories because this would be much cheaper’

* University to tear up current redundancy scheme and offer only statutory redundancy pay for compulsories.

* University will not undertake to accept all those who apply for voluntary redundancy because have only enough money for a few (possibly 50 or so but HR refuse to tell us the budget). Nor will they rule out the possibility that someone who applies for voluntary redundancy and is turned down would then be selected for compulsory redundancy

* Indications that there might have to be more redundancies in the future.

Read the rest, including a bit of background and the likely impact of these threats here.

Come to the Lobby on Wednesday:

Wed 28th January, 2009
Tower Building

Bring banners, placards and your workmates. For more information please contact Justine Stephens.

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