Saturday, 24 January 2009

Facebook event - Lobby the board of governors 28th Jan 4pm

If you use Facebook, (and UNISON blogger doesn't), then you can find our Lobby of the board of governors as an 'Event' here:

See you on Wednesday outside Tower Building -- tell everyone at work about it, and finish early to be there. Say you've got an important meeting to attend.

Spread the word: through the internet, pick up the phone, and talk face-to-face with everyone you know at the uni ... and if you're on Facebook, invite them to this event.

Save the link to this blog and pass it on to all your workmates, put it in your email 'signature'.

Make this your homepage to keep in touch with the latest on the campaign.

Get involved, get active, get in touch with your ideas for further actions. Call you local paper, write them a letter. Come on Wednesday with your ideas and your anger. Let's make this as big as it ought to be.

Save London Met Uni!

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