Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hundreds Lobby Board of Governors, despite threats from HR

Hundreds of staff and students turned out today for our lively demo outside the Board of Governors meeting. More reports on that coming soon. There was a large turnout from union members and non members alike, despite the following threat from an HR manager designed to intimidate us into staying behind our desks:

I have been asked to contact you in relation to an email circulated in recent days inviting staff and students to lobby the Board of Governors meeting this Wednesday 28 January. You will appreciate that staff should not be expected to leave their work before the appropriate time, in most cases 5.00pm, and I would therefore ask that you circulate a further message indicating this as soon as possible.
Union members are united on this: we will not be intimidated nor threatened into submission. LMU management are clearly worried about the level of support for our cause - from staff, students, the public, unions, the press and some politicians. If they continue to refuse to negotiate meaningfully with us on these redundancies then we'll be soon be turning up the heat.

If you were at the demo today, send us your reports, ideas, photos etc and feel free to comment below.