Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Ask your MP to support EDM 575 & 1763

On this website are two 'model letters' that staff and students can send MPs asking them to support the 'Early Day Motion' 575, which supports our case to stop the job cuts and save London Met Uni. Use these template, or personalise your own (better if they're not all the same). You can click on the following link to find your MP www.writetothem.com to send a letter to them via email, or you can write to them via their constituency office, details of which are available at the following link: http://www.parliament.uk/about/how/members/mps_contact.cfm

See the Text of EDM 575 here.

UPDATE (July 2009): There is a new EDM 1763, see this post.

And go to the parliament website to find out if your MP has signed already.


UNISON members might also be interested in the list of Labour MPs that are supported by our union. You can see who has and has not not signed our motion here.

See also the London Met Wikipedia page :


They've got a section on 'notable alumni' you might want to write to as well. Kate Hoey MP, for example, apparently studied at London Met. So if anyone is in Vauxhall constituency...

UPDATE (March): Kate Hoey has now signed to EDM 575. Pressure on MPs does have an effect if enough people write.... Keep it up.

There are two (updated March 2nd) template letters. One for students to sign, here. And another for staff to sign here.

It is always good to make the letter personalised, even if only a sentence or two of your own to introduce it. And check if they've already signed the EDM; if they have, thank them for their support rather than ask them to sign it...