Thursday, 22 January 2009

Defend Amanda Sackur, London Met UCU Chair

To: London Metropolitan University Management

We the undersigned wish to protest the disciplinary proceedings that have been instituted against Dr. Amanda Sackur, Chair of the UCU Coordinating Committee at London Metropolitan University, for attending a meeting at Nottingham Trent University in her capacity as a member of the UCU’s National Executive. They are totally unjustified and appear designed to intimidate or worse, force her out of her job for steadfastly representing her colleagues at a time when the University is facing the gravest financial crisis in its history. We call upon the Vice-Chancellor, management and governors of the University to act immediately to withdraw the proceedings against Dr. Sackur, work with the recognized trade unions in facing the current crisis, and abandon the contemplated large-scale compulsory redundancies that, if implemented, will place in serious jeopardy both the education of current students and the existence of the institution.

Sign the petition to defend Defend Amanda Sackur, go here:

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