Thursday, 20 January 2011

Lobby the London Met Board of Governors!

Lobby the London Met Board of Governors!

Download the leaflet in English from here.

Y en EspaƱol desde aqui.

- 26th January 2011 -

4.30-5.30pm @ entrance to ‘Tower Building’- 166 Holloway Road, N7

  • London Living Wage!
  • No job cuts!
  • No more outsourcing!

On 26th January, the governing body of London Met University meets to agree our future direction. Staff and students, through our unions, are calling for: the London Living Wage (£7.85) as a minimum for all staff, including cleaners caterer and security guards; no compulsory redundancies, save the Education & Learning Development Units, no more outsourcing & the privatisation of Education (bring our services back in-house).

Join us & show your support—together, we can win!
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