Saturday, 24 January 2009

BBC news online: "It's just disgraceful"

'London's Biggest uni in big trouble' says the BBC.

(This news story that was on the BBC News iPlayer that we linked to has been removed now).
One student put it like this:

"It's the university's fault, but not the people who work here's fault at all. So that is a bit unfair."

Another said:

"It shouldn't cost staff their jobs. It's just disgraceful."

The BBC end their report by mentioning the lobby on Wednesday (4pm outside Tower Building) -- let's make sure this demo as big as possible to show them what we think of their attempts to make us pay for their mistakes.
  • Save London Met Uni!
  • No Job Cuts!
  • No Outsourcing!
If anyone should go, it ought to be Brian Roper and his team. Sack the managers -- they got us into this mess, not us staff who keep LMU going.

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