Monday, 2 February 2009

Sign our (new) joint petition to Save London Met Uni

The LMU management need to be shown the overwhelming support our campaign has across the country and among the London Met staff. So please sign the petition below, which is now being hosted on the UCU website. To clarify, this is a merger of the 'Defend Amanda Sackur' and the 'Save London Met' petitions that were both hosted on separate web pages until recently. So even if you signed the first couple of petitions that were circulated, please sign this new version now, and after doing so, then circulate this far and wide to get as many people as posisble to show their support. The introductory text reads:
'We the undersigned, note that the future of London Metropolitan University is now under threat arising from the reduction in their teaching grant by £18m / year and claw back £38m in over-payments as a result of inaccurate returns on student completion rates. We reject the management's response to this crisis of insisting on a minimum of 330 redundancies across the university within months. Reductions in staffing will erode the institution's ability to offer high quality education to Londoners and will inflict damage on the prospects of the students who pursue their studies, often at great cost. In a recession, we should be investing more, not less, in education.
Read the rest of the demands, and sign up here:


  1. Show leadership now, Senior Team.

  2. I am totally disgusted and sickened in the way management can think they can easily punish staff and students for their obvious incompetence and lack of respect for their fellow human beings.

  3. This university is unbelievable, overworking the lecturers and not supplying the necessary facilities to run the place. Never have I had to operate in such a rundown building in all my life. The computers ancient, ill equipped rooms, extremely uncomfortable lecture theatres with broken seats, broken windows that have been that way since I started nearly a year ago, poor air conditioning/heating/lighting and sometimes such overcapacity of the lecture rooms we have had to go around the building trying to find spare chairs for students. Where is all the money going?? Certainly not on the building and facilities or from this even paying lecturers wages! I will sign the petition as I want to finish my education with a qualification but this place really needs a shake up at management level, I am utterly dismayed where the money we pay is being spent??? I think the management would be embarrassed to see the insides of other universities and see what poor facilities and conditions they offer their students and staff at London Met.

  4. I've had a lucky escape. I was going to start a 4 year art & design degree at London Met last Sept but didn't receive funding in time so my place has been deferred until 2009. Needless to say I'll be contacting UCAS and cancelling asap. It's disgraceful that management are destroying the lives of students and workers at this uni. I'm not paying for a student loan and tuition fees so that London Met management can line their pockets. Greedy pigs.
    If the government can find billions of public money to bail out bankers and fund a bogus war in Iraq it can pay for free education and proper universities. Why isn't Unison and the NUS doing more to protect students and workers at London Met?

  5. I find it absolutely shock that letting quality lecturers go for an online service is even an option to the LMU management. As a Post Grad student, if I wanted to consider online options i would have enrolled with one of the many distant-learning institutions available.

    I am more curious about what my fees are for as it not seen on the infrastructure and considerations are being made to take it from lecturers. I think this is a disgrace

  6. Juliette Oladehinde16 December 2009 at 14:37

    As a qualified teacher and as a previous students of many different establishments, I know there is nothing in this world that can replace being taught by a good teacher in a classroom environment. No online teaching method devised can replace the communication and learning stimulation that one has in a classroom, lecture room and from mentors. This should never be compromised to save money. Education is about what is best for the students - not teachers or schools or universities.

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  8. VR
    I hope to complete a course at london met this year before any major breakdowns of this intitution. I wonder if the student applications of these bogus student files were anything to do with fraud.
    There are too many cases of internationals who pretend to be students only to dissappear as soon as they are cleared in this country and never go to university on their visa.
    Don't blame the management before we know the facts.
    I prey this isnt yet another threat of dissoluation of this great counties resources by lazy, lying, criminal parasites who thinks its ok to feed off of other people and their forefathers who have actually acheived something in their lives. Criminal movement of people from country to country is slave labour bottom line. I thought the world left that behind a very very long time ago.