Saturday, 24 January 2009


Save London Met Uni bloggers are pleased to be able to link up with another activist blog for students and staff at the Sir John Cass institute (part of London Met Uni), called The Cass Crisis:

See below part of an impassioned plea to join the demo on Wednesday:

We are currently informing the press and media of the situation.WE NEED YOU to attend this demo and make your voice heard. You CAN play an active part in the future of your university. On Wednesday the 28th of January, the Board of Governors will be meeting to discuss the future of the university at the Tower Building, Holloway Road. Several relevant members of the teaching staff have implied that the meeting should have a demo in front of it and are keen to join the students.

This is a case of STUDENTS and STAFF uniting to steer the university away from demise and towards a brighter future, which is currently looking increasingly bleaker and bleaker.It is time for you to step up to the mark and say NO, we do NOT WANT TO LOSE OUR TEACHERS. We do NOT WANT TO LOSE OUR UNIVERSITY. We expect to see you at 4pm, outside the Tower Building of London Metropolitan University, making your voice heard, sending your message to the governors. There will be banners and signs- please bring your own- along the lines of "DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS", "BRIAN ROPER- THE £276K MAN", "SAVE THE MET!", "SACK ROPER!", "LONDON'S BIGGEST UNI GOING UNDER!" etc.


Brian Roper is the Vice Chancellor of the University- the main man. He is the most highly-paid Vice Chancellor in the country, making £276k a year (before bonuses). If he wants to axe our staff, let him be the first. One of our main agendas will be to call for the immediate resignation of the Vice Chancellor. He has put a rope around our necks and by trying to remove it he is merely tightening it.Many members of staff will be protesting alongside us. Do not fail your teachers, and do not fail yourselves- BE AT THE DEMO AND MAKE YOURSELF HEARD.


Protest Signs:Any long piece of scrap wood or a bamboo stick will do, get TWO same-size pieces (per sign) of large, sturdy card (A2 probably best size) and paint a SHORT and CLEAR slogan/phrase on BOTH pieces of card. Staple the pieces of card together at the corners so that the phrases are effectively on both sides, then slide the wood/stick between them. Finally, staple the sign at the top and bottom to the wood/stick.It will also help to wear tshirts with slogans, or anything memorable and eye-catching.


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