Sunday, 11 October 2009

Support our strike, join the pickets Thurs 15th and Fri 16th

Come and support the strike by joining/ visiting our pickets on Thurs 15th and Fri 16th: UCU and UNISON members will be at all the university building entrances from 8.00am. You can see maps to all the university buildings here:

There are two campuses, North and City.

The key buildings to picket are:


The main building is Calcutta House

Next door is The Women's Library:

There is another key entrance to Calcutta House, around the corner, on Gouslton St:

Just opposite the Whitechapel Art Gallery is Central House;

And further around the corner is Commercial Road;

Slightly separate from the grouped buildings above is the Moorgate Building:

North Campus:

The main building in the North is The Tower on Holloway Rd here:

Just across the road is Stapleton House:

Around the corner is the Learning Centre:

A little further down the street is the main admin block, 'the Rocket' (where the senior exec group mostly work):

Also in the North, but nearer to Highbury tube, is Ladbroke House:

Your support will be appreciated - our fight is your fight! Come and show your solidarity. If you can't come to any pickets, send a message of solidarity by emailing us or leaving comments here.

We will soon announce further plans for a rally and a social.


  1. I fully support the attempt to prevent job cuts and thus preserve not only the efficiency, but also the integrity of the university and the morale of its staff (those that are left!) and students.

  2. Relax.. I wasted 1.5 years in this crazy uni and the only way to save it is TO SACK ALL ADMINISTRATION AND HALF TUTORS AT LEAST. And I believe uni would do as well as know with half staff, if they would be working... Course leader (Mr. Emanuel Ohohe, Markeitng misses HALF lectures in spring term for consumer psychology.. Doesn't it sound like complete joke? Administration doing cock up after cock up in every step... People are forced to attend '''FAKE ENGLISH COURSE''... Again half lectures missing, no any exams.. Oh but wait - IT IS AROUND 3000£... You are really hilarious with your lost cause strike - go and GET A JOB IN MCDONALDS, SOMEWHERE WHERE MOST OF YOU BELONG