Saturday, 17 October 2009

More photos, reports and videos of Oct 15th-16th strike

Staff and students on strike at London Met University, 15th-16th Oct in protest against massive job cuts. Read our report here, and see other press articles here, here, here and here. See more photos by clicking on the link 'Read the full post with comments', and more photos here and here. Also, watch videos of the rally held on Thursday here, and on Friday here and here. Guy Smallman's Photos can be seen here.

More to come. Please send us your reports, videos or photos of the strike to:


  1. I admit I was worried about striking on Thursday and Friday. But after being on the picket lines and hearing first hand from students and staff I knew I was doing the right thing.

    I think it is really important that we stand by each other and our Unions decisions. Together we can win this fight!

  2. Having to take industrial action is never a easy decision to make, it's hard on everybody and is only used in circumstances where there is little option. In that respect I was amazed at the strong support given to us by students on the picket line, including those whose lectures had to be cancelled, which demonstrated that they, like the staff taking the action really care about the future of the University and the valuable part it plays in the community. It was good to see that so many staff also saw beyond the 'it's just a 2-3 year job for me before I move on, I'm all right jack' attitude and realised that acquiescing to management demands to work as usual would play into the hands of the fat cats who are going about draining the life blood from our University, whilst awarding themselves obscene bonuses for doing so. A great turn out across both campuses and striking staff and student supporters should be very proud.

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