Thursday, 8 October 2009

Staff and students - strike against job cuts and closures!

Staff in UNISON and UCU are on strike on Thurs 15th and Fri 16th October against savage job cuts this year.

The chaotic scenes during enrolment say it all: we lost over 350 jobs last year and you can already see the difference. Management want to make another 100 - 200 redundancies and won't tell us exactly who is for the chop.

They even want to shut down the last of three nurseries without considering any options.

Staff and students at London Met are sick of being told it is us who have to pay the price for their incompetence. (Photo: 'px' - indymedia)

There was an independent inquiry into the financial crisis at London Met. Why don't the Governors wait until that reports before they announce any further job cuts?

Why not negotiate properly with the unions?

UCU and UNISON have been trying to negotiate: we even offered to go to ACAS to try to resolve this. Management won't budge.

This is our last resort: to strike during teaching. We realise this can cause massive disruption to classes. We apologise to students and other staff but feel if cuts of this scale continue the damage will be much worse.

These are our immediate demands: Join us on strike - support our campaign to Save London Met!

Our demands:

  • Withdraw the compulsory redundancies to nursery staff.
  • Voluntary severance for those made compulsory redundant.
  • Moratorium on redundancy announcements until 28 days after the publication of the Melville Report.
  • Any further redundancies announced after that to be subjected to new s.188 notice and formal and meaningful negotiations with the trade unions.