Saturday, 17 October 2009


OVER 100 staff, students and lecturers rallied outside London Met University yesterday lunchtime, to vow to halt the wave of hundreds of sackings taking place at the institution.

Students eagerly took leaflets from pickets and joined the rally.

Two sites of the university were shut down by the support of staff and students for the 48-hour strike by Unison and the UCU that concludes today.

Naomi Bicharri, a business student, told News Line: ‘I don’t agree with the cuts and I feel all students should have equal opportunities to go to university.

Richard Cryan, a Unison library assistant, said: ‘We’re striking to save jobs and save the university.

‘What we’re hearing is the sector as a whole is facing cuts. But it is not the time to be cutting education.

Read the rest here (WRP).

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