Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Times: 'Job Watch' / The Sun / National Press

We've had a mention in the Times too. It's pretty much a footnote in a long list of job loss announcements, but at least the emphasis is on our determination to resist what the Time might think inevitable:

Union leaders have pledged to fight plans to axe 330 employees, including cleaners and catering workers, at London Metropolitan University.

We've now had quite a bit of media coverage of our campaign to resist these cuts. As well as some of the socialist left papers, Times Higher Ed, the Camden New Journal and the local BBC news, is this our first mention in a national newspaper? UNISON Blogger could be wrong - email us a link if that's the case - but where is the Indy or the Grauniad coverage?

UPDATE #1: The Sun gave us a sentence last week. Even the Murdoch press have at least noted this is happening: Does Brian Roper have friends in the Liberal press or something?

UPDATE #2: A full length article in the Education section of the Guardian actually appeared today (3rd Feb).

UPDATE #3: The Indy have also got round to covering our story. They printed a long piece, on 5th February, titled: "University on the ropes: Is it the beginning of the end for London Met?"

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