Tuesday, 10 February 2009

POSTPONED: Support Amanda Sackur: Protest 2-3pm 16/02/09

Following the motions supporting Amanda Sackur (Chair of London Met UCU) against victimisation unanimously passed by all London Met UCU Branches, it was agreed that members would hold protests at the time of any disciplinary hearing. However, please note that the protest planned for Monday 16th Feb (the date Amanda's initial hearing was originally due to take place) will now no longer take place as her disciplinary hearing is being re-scheduled. We are awaiting exact details of any re-arrangement and will inform you as soon as this is known via our website: www.lmuucu.org.uk

Our 'Defend Amanda' petition, which has so far attracted 1,350+ signatures in Amanda support, states the following with regards to this management attack:
'They are totally unjustified and appear designed to intimidate or worse, force her out of her job for steadfastly representing her colleagues at a time when the university is facing the gravest financial crisis in its history. We call upon the vice-chancellor, management and governors of the university to act immediately to withdraw the proceedings against Dr Sackur, work with the recognised trade unions in facing the current crisis, and abandon the contemplated large-scale compulsory redundancies that, if implemented, will place in serious jeopardy both the education of current students and the existence of the institution.'

Given the seriousness of the crisis facing London Met, it seems absurd, as well as vindictive in the extreme, that management appear hell bent on attacking one of the very people they should be negotiating with to try and get us out of the mess that they, at the very least, have helped get us into.

Therefore, If you have not done so already, please add your name to the petition NOW: www.petitiononline.com/defendas/petition.html


  1. Amanda Sackur, no doubt can get a job in any prestigious university very easily given her ample knowledge in her fields and beyond. The tragedy of loosing her however would be to her students who would be deprived of an outstanding lecturer that tells history exactly how it was -she is genuinely interested in teaching and treat her students both with respect and care- to those of us from poor backgrounds, Amanda is the closest we get to quality teaching. If the management in londonmet fail to recognise that, then it is indeed in trouble. currently It seems to me from banks to univercities there is a trend of "shooting the messenger"; victimizing ordinary people who do their day job well for the failure of management. This, above anything else is a fight for principle.

    Amanda's student studying International Relations and Development

  2. Amanda is a fantastic member of staff at LGIR and her enthusiam and committment to the students and her discipline are unmatched.
    The HR trick of 'presenteeism' is so low.
    If you go down the Nags Head in Upper Street you'd probably catch Brian Roper supping a pint as he collars another HOD about the beauty of 'research'- his designer jacket no doubt still draped tantalisilingly over his executive chair in his office to signify "I'll be back".

  3. I am totally in shock, how there are treated staff and best teachers.
    No way! You can't punish Amanda!! She need to stay! She is one of the best teacher at London Metropolitan University

    Amanda's student - Develeopment Studies and International Relations

  4. I was taught my Amanda way back in her days at Birkbeck. She was a wonderful teacher then, seems she has only got better. I wish her my very best and hope that the campaign achieves the justice for Amanda that she no doubt deserves.

    Linda Mason