Saturday, 4 April 2009

Unions ballot for industrial action over job cuts

The following was released on Friday 3rd April from both unions to all members:

As you know, UNISON and UCU negotiators have been meeting management regularly in an attempt to avoid redundancies. Unfortunately so far, despite some successes, we cannot report much significant progress. The key areas of disagreement remain:

• Budget
• Workloads/Outsourcing
• Timing of voluntary redundancy scheme
• Compulsory redundancies

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See UNISON resolution for industrial action here.

See detailed statement from both unions here.

Management then confirmed their intent to go ahead with a redundancy scheme without union consent despite being legally bound by a 90 day consultation period in a message to all staff the same day. To summarise, they offered a very short period (two weeks during Easter Holiday period) in which to meet departmental managers. In response, we were asked to give consent to opening a Voluntary Redundancy scheme before the consultation was complete. It should be noted that some managers of departments are currently on leave during this period, making it not only unreasonable to meet with them in such a short period, but indeed it would be impossible. We had no option but to refuse this false offer of 'compromise'.

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As a union we have a duty to protect all our members’ jobs and conditions
of service. We have talked to politicians, to HEFCE, to the wider
community and to management. There is a great deal of support for our
campaign, yet management do not appear to be taking the consultation
process seriously. Indeed, they are still insisting on cutting one in
four jobs.

Now is the time to display our collective resolve.

If there is no significant movement, we need to hold a ballot for
industrial action to strengthen our hand in negotiations.

This will:

• Allow us to tell management what we think of their threats
• Give us a voice in the future of the university
• Help us to work closely with sister unions, colleagues and students
• Ensure that we can take action if management try to implement
compulsory redundancies

We will be holding meetings immediately after Easter. Please make every
effort to attend. If you would like a more detailed statement, please see
the attached document.

Also attached is a copy of the motion that was passed unanimously at
the UNISON AGM yesterday.

A full report back from yesterdays AGM will be provided shortly.