Thursday, 30 April 2009

Petition to save Tower Hill Nursery and Hornsey Road Nursery

To: Whom It May Concern,

On behalf of Tower Hill* Nursery and Hornsey Road Nursery, we (signed below) are petitioning against the decision to close the aforementioned nurseries. We are aware of the financial situation our university is in, but we are appalled that student-parent welfare should be sacrificed to such an extent. Student Services should aim to provide for students in need of extra support. Instead, withdrawal of childcare could mean:

  • Extra strain for parents who are already under a lot of pressure balancing family responsibilities, degree work and other types of financial work.
  • More financial difficulties and travel related inconveniences for student-parents.
  • Discouragement for student parents due to limited facilities in accessing higher education. Whatever happened to equal opportunities?
  • Dedicated members of staff who have been working for LMU nurseries for as long as 13 years can be made redundant as from next month.

We are concerned how the points above have managed to be overlooked. Studying while bringing up children should be self-enhancing, not disabling.

UPDATE: Sign this petition online (before 10th March, 2010) here:

Download the petition to print and get signatures from here:

*Tower Hill Nursery was closed in Summer 2009, so this petition now only applies to Hornsey Road.


  1. There is now a Facebook group for this, type in SAVE HORNSEY ROAD NURSERY into the search.

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  3. this is just totaly riduculous i have just started my degree at this uni and facing something so disgraceful like this has put me off of even considering to carry on with my degree, i mean due to the uni's management or whoever is concerned why do the students and staff have to pay the price this is absolutely unfair and like everyone here i am totaly against it.

  4. leave it open and fix the areas that actually caused the problems. Getting rid of positive differentiators is insane.

  5. It's upsetting that the Hornsey road nursery is now closed.

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