Monday, 8 November 2010

Save London Met! Education for all! Demonstrate!

A crucial time is upon us and we are asking for your support. Jobs, student places, funding for teaching and access to education itself are at risk from the Government. Together we must take a stand to defend ourselves, our values, our communities and education for future generations. The Coalition Government announced:

• £9,000 tuition Fees
• 40% cuts to University funding
• Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences will lose ALL funding support

What does this mean for us?

London Met could lose 80% of its teaching grant. We could be closed down completely at worst: Education will no longer be affordable or a right, but a privilege for the few. At best it will mean: 

• More students crammed into lecturer theatres,
• Widespread course closures,
• Large scale redundancies,
• Buildings such as libraries and computer room

What can you do?

In the future you or someone you know will look to enter further or higher education. We need to unite now to push for a new, more sustainable way of funding education. The National Union of Students (NUS) and the University and College Union (UCU), with UNISON support, are jointly organising a national demo, ‘Fund Our Future: Stop Education Cuts’ on Wednesday 10 November 2010, in central London. The demonstration aims to shake the unity of the Coalition Government by highlighting to MPs that education funding is an issue that resonates strongly within society, as well as students and their families. So join us as we tell this government: “No ifs, no buts - no Education cuts!”

Join Us on the National Demo!

Assemble: 9am-10.30 am at ‘The Rocket’ or ‘The HUB’, then Travel to Embankment (11am). Demonstrate under the ‘Save London Met’ banner, with UNISON and UCU banners. Meet in Victoria Embankment Gardens, Embankment Tube: 11.30am

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