Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Protest Board of Governors - 15th December - resign now!

The Board of Governors of London Metropolitan University are meeting on 15th December to consider their response to the recent reports into the financial fiasco they got us into. Both staff unions, UNISON and UCU, and London Met students union, are now calling for their resignations and for a Fresh start at London Met.

We will be presenting them with our petition. Come and join our final lobby/ rally/ protest for 2009 and give them a last push:
  • Tuesday 15th December,
  • 4.00pm Moorgate Building, (see map)
Note change of time to 4pm start - get there early; 3.45pm

Download the student union leaflet.

Sign the on-line petition.

This is now a matter of survival - the government has threatened to close London Metropolitan University if they don't go. Bring banners, placards, tell everyone you know to leave work/ lectures early - this is our university, we value it highly, and they've got to go. They've done enough damage already, it's time for a Fresh start for London Met!

Join the Lobby - please forward to all your contacts.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. You are an excuse for a human being, London Met is well respected in London thousands of working class people have benefited from studying in it and gone on to good careers


  4. The person who maintains this, using the logo of UCU and UNISON, is as democratic as the Brian Roper.

    Changes are needed at ALL levels, included the UCU and UNISON members of LondonMet.

  5. "The person who maintains this, using the logo of UCU and UNISON, is as democratic as the Brian Roper."

    Wrong, anon, but we do delete abuse which is why the first comment was deleted. If that was you, then please 'try harder' & refrain from swearing. If you want to contribute to a debate then please go ahead, you're free to do so.

    All union officers at london met are elected and accountable to their members. I suspect you're not a union member, but if you work at londonmet then you can join up and have your say in how we act, including the way this website is maintained.

    do you see a 'comments' facility like this on the londonmet website?

  6. The metamorphosis of former polytechnics into universities through a quick privy council nod was the single biggest mistake here. What it did was to cut off the core skills development framework like HNCs and HNDs which withered away replacing them instead with fancy undergraduate degrees which had shaky foundation. The directors of polys became VCs with polytechnic structure intact with internal academic and departmental line management set up for micromanagement. There is a single national, at least England-wide examination, which determines the fitness of knowledge of secondary school leavers, it is called A-level examination, which despite its flaws is a measure of students ability to undertake degree-level studies. The problem is that the new universities work around it, by-pass it to the extent that all new universities admit students to first year degrees who should really be studying HNCs. Hence the large drop outs. The VCs of London Met and LMU created white elephants, the science centre in London Met and sports centre in LMU. That was the way they wanted to show how their universities are different from other new universities. In the case of London Met, within a bicycling distance, there is an internationally famous institution for science studies, the UCL, and about 30 mins ride in tube is another equally prestigious institution, Imperial College. Is London Met geared to teach biological and chemical sciences, highly practical and knowledge intensive disciplines? Money was thrown at these centres and now London Met and LMU are in trouble. Replace these VCs and their entourage. Some others will step in and the cycle begins and problems come back.

    This ship was sinking from the start - replacing the board of governors will only prolong it.

  7. Checks should be done on other college as well and Met uni.Mismanagement is universal all over
    what about other education government
    systamatic failures and individual mistakes all over labaour failed.

    education education education ploicy
    mind taypayers money being wasted again and again

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