Thursday, 11 June 2009

UNISON ballot for strike action

The second issue of 'Save London Met Uni' newsletter, with details of the UNISON ballot for strike action, is now available. (See here for a link to the PDF version -- email if you want to distribute paper copies.)

Photo (c) Guy Smallman

See your local union reps for printed copies of these to distribute,. The ballots are in the post, to UNISON members sent out today. UNISON members should have them by the weekend. Vote straight away.

For UNISON Members
The ballot opens on 10th June, deadline for voting is 24th June. Vote as soon as you get your ballot paper. If you’re a member of London Met UNISON branch and no ballot arrives by 15th June, call Diana Da Silva right away: 020 7535 6609 before 22nd June, midday, or email with the following details: your name, address, membership number, reason for ballot (eg 'not received' or 'spoilt paper').

Pass this email on to your workmates and colleagues to encourage them to join one of the recognised trades unions: London Met Uni UNISON & UCU Branches are run democratically by their members and elected committees. It is not too late to join and take part in UNISON’s vote to go on strike to protest against the cuts at London Met. Go here to join (or re-join if your membership has lapsed): call 0845 355 0845 to ask for a UNISON application form, or ask your nearest local union rep for a membership form.

Come to the joint campaign meeting for students and staff

* Monday 15th June
* 12.30-2.00pm
* (Moorgate Building, MGG-07)

Our campaign has been united from the start. UNISON members have stood shoulder to shoulder with lecturers in UCU and showed them solidarity when they went out on strike. UCU have pledged to support any UNISON action as well (more photos here). Students at John Cass occupied parts of Commercial Road in May to save their staff and courses. This will be a great chance to meet at the end of term to discuss the way forward for our campaign. Come with ideas, your work mates, fellow students, and your enthusiasm to win.

The Governors meet on the 15th June at Moorgate building (though look out for last minute changes again to try to avoid us). We will also be there to lobby them hard. Join us in a public display of solidarity with those being forced out this year, being made unemployed in the middle of a recession:

  • When? 4pm
  • Where? Moorgate Building, (Moorgate Tube)
  • What? Lobby of London Met Board of Governors
  • Why? To Save jobs at London Met!

It is the Board who will be deciding on our demands about compulsory redundancies, on the alternative proposals against outsourcing, and on the compensation scheme that we get if there are any compulsory redundancies…. It is vital we show them loud and clear we are watching them and expect them to decide in our favour.

Details of building here:

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