Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Doncaster College job threats

Over a 150 jobs look to have been saved after the decision by Doncaster College to abandon plans for mass redundancies.

BREAKING NEWS - 1 MAY 2009: Doncaster College halts plans for mass job cull

Rally planned for 9 May cancelled.


In total more than 300 jobs were at risk, with 19 management posts, 200 academic roles and 88 support positions under threat. This is the fifth time in five years that the college management has embarked on a restructure and lecturers have been warned to expect increased class sizes as a consequence of the job losses:

* read more here: Doncaster College strike threat over job cuts

Following successful campaigning and lobbying from UCU the principal announced an immediate pause and review of his plans: 'Following feedback from trade union representatives, staff and governors, the executive has been asked to revisit the detail of its restructuring plans to ensure that the impact on colleagues is reduced to the absolute minimum necessary whilst delivering the college's requirements for the future. This aim was always and will remain a key objective. Nevertheless, the executive is happy to review its proposals in the light of the concerns that have been raised. It is obviously vital that we achieve a final outcome that is in the best long-term interests of the college, its learners, staff and stakeholders. Depending on the outcome of the review it may be necessary to extend or restart the collective consultation exercise. The approach will depend on whether significant changes are proposed. For the time being there will be no change to the status of the staff currently at risk of redundancy. The college will at all times ensure we comply with our obligations to consult.'

The deadline for this review was 29 April 2009.

The Guardian wrote an article on 28 April 2009, 'They're trying to get teaching on the cheap', which looks at Doncaster and the wider issues.


  1. Great news for staff at Doncaster but I daresay they hadn't just had their HEFCE funding slashed by £15m p.a.

  2. no you're right, Further Ed colleges are funded from different body. but hey, let's not get too down.... take the good news where you can find it!

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